As the name of this website implies, everything we publish here has to do with plant-based food items. Our blog posts cover everything from the pros and cons of a vegan diet to myths about the diet to nutritional facts regarding it. Whether your interest in veganism is short-term or long-term, we have got you covered.

For instance, there is a blog post on our website for those who look to minimize weight. You may go through that post even if you plan to go back to your non-vegan diet after achieving the goal. That said, we would be even happier to contribute to converting you to a vegan. There is also a post about vegan recipes, and more on these will be published soon. So, we believe that our website content caters to a diverse set of audiences, including vegans.

We do not want you to think that any information remotely associated with health is a piece of medical advice because health is rather subjective. Anyhow, we can guarantee you that our curated content in its entirety is factual. If you appreciate what we are doing here or have anything to say to the contrary, do reach out to us.