Food Cravings-Switch To Cleaner Healthier Food

Plant-Based Milk
Plant-Based Milk
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

There is a reason why we are drawn to processed foods like sugars, processed fats, and salt; comfort foods as many call it. The minute people start feeling getting angsty and stressed out, the first thing that many do is head to the fridge to get the tub of ice-cream or fries and go on stress eating marathon. By the time you finish, you feel worse-off than you began! These foods will give you immense ‘immediate’ pleasure. However, the minute the blissfulness of the sugars and fats dissolve and breakdown in your body, you are left with lethargy and unhappiness. This becomes a cycle of sorts that never has an end to it.

So simply put, we find a reason for it which is – being tired or stressed. We take action for this reason, by stress-eating. The immediate effect of this is happiness and a burst of energy. The effects then wear off and you are left feeling alone with your thoughts which again creates anxiety. The cycle repeats. This goes on until your lifespan cuts by a few years and your weeks are riddled with hospital visits! Come on, even you can do better than this.

Breaking The Habit 

Years of neglect has led you to this article. Stick to plant-based food and you will lead a healthier and more fulfilled life as a result.

  • If you crave for chocolates, then stick to dark chocolates that have at least 70% of cocoa. It must not be sweetened.
  • If you are craving for something sweet then try naturally sweet fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and berries, etc. these are safe from any sort of processed sugar. Even carbonated water that is sweetened with mint leaves or fruit juices will help. If not anything, eat dates, nuts, cashews, and other dry fruits.
  • If you are craving for cookies and pastries, then switch to oatmeal, sweet potatoes, or multi-grain pasta. Even whole-grain baked goodies that are sweetened with ripe bananas, applesauce, and dates will also help you through.
  • If you are craving for cheese, then non-dairy options that you can include are Hummus, nutritional yeast flakes, and many others.
  • If you are craving for creamy foods then a plant-based diet consisting of creamed soups and sauces from potatoes, cauliflower, and avocados will help. Puddings from non-dairy milk will make a difference.

Remember, it is the little changes that you bring in your diet that will help you cut the habit. You might find it difficult at first, but the going gets easier.