Best Flowering Indoor Plants For You To Choose From

Plants and flowers can always have a relaxing effect and they can be soothing for your eyes. By having flowering indoor plants, you can bring more freshness and beauty to your home.

There is a wide range of flowering houseplants for you to grow inside your home. If you cannot find flowering indoor plants in your local shops then you can order them online. There is an enormous number of e-commerce stores that provide online plant delivery and you can order your favorite plants from them.

You can get a lot of options when it comes to flowering houseplants. Some of them are listed below:

Christmas Cactus

With their vibrant and stunning flowers, Christmas cacti are one of the best options for you to grow. They have a long-life and some of them can even live for decades.

There are different species of Christmas cacti available for you and the color of their flowers can vary from pure white to pinks, reds, and corals. Different species of this plant bloom at different times of the year.

These plants require bright indirect light. Water Christmas cacti when the soil is dry and make sure not to let the water sit in the saucer.


These plants are a stunning option for you to grow indoors. Cyclamen features lilac, pink, white, or red flowers floating above heart-shaped leaves and the blooms of this plant can last for months.

It is better to keep them in a spot that gets bright light and make sure to keep them lightly moist. These plants also prefer cool temperatures, otherwise, the leaves can become yellow and die. It is difficult to get cyclamen to rebloom, so enjoy their beauty at the peak and then compost.

Phalenopsis Orchid

They have delicate-looking flowers that attract people. These orchids can bloom for months and will live for years even if no proper care is given. It is better to place them near a west or east-facing window, as they prefer indirect lighting.


These beautiful flowers come from bulbs that are sold in the fall. They need bright light, and if the light is very low, it can cause them to flop over.

The blooms of amaryllis usually occur almost six weeks later they can last for a month. Save the bulb, as you may be able to get them to bloom again in the next year.

All these indoor plants can be a great choice for people who love flowers.