How To Lose Weight While On A Vegan Diet?

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Lose Weight As A Vegan
Lose Weight As A Vegan

Switching to a vegan diet helps you reach your weight loss goals easily. But that doesn’t mean adopting a vegan diet is all it takes for healthy weight loss. There has to be enough effort from your part in the form of planning the diet by estimating calorie levels to working out to burn your excess calories.

In this article, we discuss some of the tips that will help you lose weight as a vegan.

Educate Yourself On The Concept Of Calorie Density

The term calorie density refers to the amount of calories in each pound of food. Some foods like non-starchy vegetables have low calories while some oils may have up to 4000 calories per pound.

If you can modify the calorie density of your diet, you can consume double the volume of food and still take lesser calories. Whole-plant foods have high nutrient density but they remain calorically dilute.  Understanding the concept of calorie density better and planning your diet accordingly helps you eat more without putting on weight.

Avoid Added Oil In Your Food

Oils are known to have high calorie density, meaning that oil in your foods could be one reason you are putting on weight. It is estimated that one cup of oil has about 2000 calories. The value is in sharp contrast to the calories in one cup of brown rice which is 130 calories.

As oils do not contain fiber, it does not contribute to your satiety in any way. Add more oil-free foods to your vegan diet if you want to lose some weight.

Cut Down On Liquid Calories

In addition to avoiding oils, you also have to avoid liquid calories that come in the form of sodas, sports drinks and sweetened beverages. The liquid calories add up fast and will not fill you up.

Include Fiber-Rich Foods In Your Diet

Low calorie, high fiber foods will help you lose weight without having to starve. Adding whole plant-based foods like non-starchy vegetables and fruits to your diet will help you gain essential nutrients without putting on weight.

Avoid Vegan Junk Foods

 Following a vegan diet does not mean that you are left with no processed food choices. Highly processed vegan junk foods are calorically dense, all the while lacking essential nutrients. Cutting down on processed foods is important if you are on your weight loss mission.

In addition to the appropriate changes in diet you make, you should not disregard the role played by exercise in helping you lose weight.